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AUTCOM and TASH 2002

Boston, MA

The Autism National Committee sponsored the Autism Strand at the TASH 2002 Conference in Boston in December 2002.  Additionally, Autcom members were actively involved in the pre-conference session entitled "Breaking the Barriers: New Ways of Thinking that Lead to Civic Participation."  The pre-conference session was supported by the NLM Family Foundation, which, over the last decade, has given financial support for training and research in facilitated communication.  Their sponsorship of the pre-conference session was intended to move beyond training and research to support FC users to develop a voice nationally in order to influence policy.  As Doug Biklen said in his introductory remarks, "Real change will happen through political action."  Please click here for information on the content of the pre-conference session.  

The issues to be addressed at the session were presented by a panel of FC users.  Bobby Silverstein, of the Center for the Study and Advancement for Disability Policy, led the discussion of how to take political action.








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