Annual Conference 2013

Lighting The Way

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Conference Program

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Keynote Presenters:

Elizabeth J. Grace: “Autistic Activism, Grassroots Epistemology and Occupying Academia!”

Christi Kasa: “Seeing My Gifts Of Great Ability! The Power Of Presuming Competence”

Suzanne Oliver: “Rhythm Lights The Way: Using Rhythm To Access Independence”

Melanie Yergeau: “Digital Autistry, And Other Ways To Move”

Other presenters include:

Judy Endow, Emily Nusbaum, Rob Cutler, Lisa Lieberman, Jordan Ackerson, Emily Titon, Darcy Reed, Estee Klar, Mike Hoover, Benjamin Tarasewicz, LouElla Price, Amy Vidali, Fleur Wiorkowski, Randy Chapman & The Legal Center, and many more!



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