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Principles Of The Autism National Committee

As a member of the Autism National Committee I endorse for all people with autism, pervasive developmental disorders, and related disabilities the development of high-quality community services, including education, residences, jobs/job training programs, and of individualized support services in all locations for both individuals and their family members; of state-of-the-art communication options for all individuals with unique communicative and social needs; of adequate supports to every family to assist them in maintaining their family member with a disability in their home at least throughout the childhood and adolescent years; and the dissemination of available knowledge of those aspects of the disability requiring special support and understanding; the promotion of research to provide parents and professionals with greater insight into the unique needs of individuals with autism and related disabilities; and the use, development, and promotion of positive, respectful approaches for teaching every aspect of life.

Moreover, I oppose the use of institutions to separate people from their communities, and deprive them of dignity, freedom and the level of independence they can achieve in supportive community living; the use of procedures involving pain, humiliation, deprivation, and dangerous drugs as a means to alter and control individual's behavior; the increasing use of bizarre technology to control self-injurious and aggressive behavior; the widespread ignorance of the basic social and communicative needs of people with autism; and the widespread disregard for the individual's unique, basic and human needs. I object to programs which disregard the skills, preferences and basic human needs of the people they serve, and I believe that there is no longer need or any justification for using painful and abusive procedures.

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Send the above information and a check in the appropriate amount to:

Anne Bakeman, AutCom Treasurer
3 Bedford Green
South Burlington, VT 05403

Information Sharing Policy
AUTCOM believes in the power of good information to drive out bad. You are welcome to download, copy, reprint, and redistribute information from this site. When doing so, please give credit to the Autism National Committee. If possible, drop us a note and let us know what proved useful and what is still needed.

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